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I want to install a reverse camera in my 207, in the license plate light holder. I will run the video signal via a wireless signal to my monitor, but I still need to power the camera. Preferably, I would use +12V from the reverse light, so that the camera is activated when the reverse is light is activated. However, a solution with +12V from an ACC source would be ok as well, as I can also switch the monitor via a CANbus signal if needed.

I don't want to cut into the original cables, so I think I need to create a splitter myself, as per the simple diagram below (a male and a female connector with split wiring in between). I can't find the right connectors though. The female connector can be found quite easily on ebay or at the main dealers (see image below), but they are quite expensive and I also need a male connector which I cannot find.

Does anybody know where to get these connectors? What are these called?

If these connectors are not available, could I use another power source? I do have a towball unit in the trunk, but it's an original canbus unit and also uses these types of connectors (there are not screw terminals or anything).

Adapter diagram

Female adapter
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