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I'm really puzzled by the LED indicator function in the door mirrors of my 3008 GT, which has the full LED headlight function fitted, although I know the LED indicators are fitted to all new 3008 models.

Whilst passing some time today and parked up, I put on the flashing hazard warning lights and noticed that from the front of the car, you can barely see the LED indicators flashing in either of the door mirrors. Even standing well back from the front of the car, they are pretty much invisible. I actually thought there was something wrong with them, as you just couldn't really see them operating.

Its only when you're standing with the door mirrors to your immediate left or right, or when you actually stand behind the door mirrors, that the flashing LED indicators can be seen. I'm guessing at night they'll stand out more, from various angles.

I know when I'm driving during the day, you can just make out the vivid tip of the LED flashing in the door mirrors, when you indicate.

I've never actually noticed this until today. I guess it is designed this way, as the front headlamp indicators are so vivid, so giving indication only to those cars at the very side of you, that you are turning?
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