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Morning all.
So I'm in a somewhat sticky situation.
I have a 306 with a rear brake compensator valve to put on.
All the rear brake lines have been removed as well and I'm just about to put some fresh line in however I'm left scratching my head...

There are two lines coming from the engine bay and 4 connections on the rear brake compensator however I do not know which connections go to where :|

Imagined this viewed from above (is actually the same part as the one on my car), lets number the connections 1-4.

1 - 2
3 - 4

We can assume that connection 4 goes to the rear right brake drum:

However I don't suppose someone could shed some light onto exactly where each line is meant to go?

As there are 2 lines coming from the front is this left/right (ie, 1 = fluid in, 2 = left drum, 3 = fluid in, 4 = right drum?) if so does it matter which way the two from the engine may go in?

Also one last question.

Are there supposed to be line line pressure regulators on the pipes to the drums?

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.

Best regards

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