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hi all,

First post so please be gentle.

I have an 02 Synergie HDI, hope the wiring to the rear lights are the same colour. Ive had the rear carpet out because the previous owner had wiring issues just behind the drivers seat and cut the carpet for a quick repair. Ive got a replacment carpet to fit also, and while its out clean underneath and feed in towbar electrics. Now, while working out which wire does what it occured that only the lower 21w bulb comes on with the brake applied and the upper double filament doesn't but it appears that the metal track inside the holder belonging to the 21w side if the the double filament doesnt go anywhere. Is this right. Ive been through the repaired wires and find no fault. On the left light I have:
green/yellow= earth
pink=tail light
pink lower brake
yellow= indicator
orange= ? I put power to this and nothing happened.

any help would be hugely appreciated

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