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Picked my 1.2 gt line manual up yesterday and so far I'm really impressed.

Before I get started on the car the highlight has to be former boy band blue member Duncan james (now acting in Hollyoaks) approach my car while I was filling up haha. He was so impresed looking around and inside and couldnt compliment the car enough. Also a 3 yr old who was walking along stopped dead and pointed at the car in awe

I can't believe the power/torque the 1.2 engine has, I'm comimg from a 1.2 qashqai tekna and I was already impressed with that engine being so small so I wasnt expecting much more but its definitely a lot better.

The sport button works a treat, and with the amplification of the engine sound it really makes you feel like your driving something fast and powerful, turn the radio down, air con off and windows shut to get the full affect.

The reversing camera is not as good as my previous car but still very adequate and does the job, love how the wing mirrors automatically dip when reversing which helps see the road side/ curb. The 180° camera angle looks abit botched but actually works really well, reversing out of a parking bay in busy tesco with a crossing and cars coming both ways. I could see everything coming from both sides.

Handling is great and a doddle, didnt take anytime adjusting to the smaller steering wheel. Havnt had any probles selecting any gears, really smooth.

Only issues I have found is the clutch for me is ridicilously high and is an effort for me to keep my foot up from riding the clutch.
Also some of the build quality, some of the interior panels and trim do not line up.

Early days but so far Im happy, thanks to all the posts so far which have saved me a lot of time figuring out things.


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Excellent report thanks.

Not sure what they can do about the high clutch bite point on its early check, but sure they will sort out any misaligned trim for you.

As a tip, write any issues down as you notice them as opposed to trying to remember, then when it goes in, give them any list you have.
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