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Can anyone help ? I have an iphone and i was wondering if it is possible to play audio through the bluetooth function on the stereo ?

I have the standard RD4 level 1 stereo in my car with factory fitted bluetooth, now when i make a call on my iphone i can press play on my iphone and the audio comes through the stereo, however when i hang up it stops. So the functionality is there it seems but i cant get it play normally. Is this due to the limitations of the stereo or the iphone ? Anyone else tried similar ?

I was also looking at getting the ipod cable installed in my car put on the peugeot web site it says if you have my stereo with bluetooth then you cant.

Can anyone help me ? In this day and age you'd think this would be something quite simple and its driving me mad.



You're doing well to even get the iBone to talk at all to the pug stereo, as Apple use a non industry standard Bluetooth protocol and many find they don't work at all.

You can get aftermarket kits to connect it up to one of the aux inputs on t'rear of your stereo, then it's just a quick trip to the dealers to get the input activted. I could be wrong, but (certainly on a 407, so probably true for other pugs) that's the onbly way you'll do it.

good luck.
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