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After months of trouble shooting I am no closer to solving the issue my Peugeot going into limp mode.

Any amount of "pushing" the car sends it into fault code:
P2263 Powertrain / Turbo super charger boost system performance.

Coupled with intermittent codes:
P2178 Powertrain System Too Rich off Idle bank 1

P2191 Powertrain System Too Lean at Higher Load bank 1

I have:
Fully serviced the vehicle (new plugs, filters, 5W30 oil, transmission fluid etc)

I have replaced:
MAP sensor, top and bottom O2 Lamda sensors.

I have checked for a boost leak, and non exists

Taken off the re-circulation valve to look for damage in turbo. Its in mint condition.

Car only has 18K on the clock with all its services.

What on earth am I missing?

Anyone have a similar situation and figured it out?


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