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Peugeot 308SW mk2 1.6 TDI 120 from 2015

For some time I've had a rattling sound from the engine. I could hear it in low gear at 1000-1200 rpm.
It has annoyed me for some time and thought it was something that would be tightened. I had it by the mechanics because of something else and asked them to look at it, but they could not find anything.
Now I'm stubborn, so I kept searching and trying things off. It is now that it seems that the "air intake" (I actually do not know if it's called that ) as shown in the picture.
The assembly at both ends can move a little bit and so it rattles at some rpms (and yes it sounds terrible and annoying).

Is there anyone who knows what to do? Right now I've made a DIY solution with some matches that I have put in to the assembly so it is kept in place.


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