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Hi Guys,

I have a random reverse light fault...noticed it when I first picked up the car and swiftly replaced the reverse light switch on the gear box....6 days later and I jump in the car to see on the MFD that the reverse sensors are active despite the car being in neutral. (Reverse light on also). Tried switching ignition off and back on but still on....drove a few miles and it finally went off.

Hopefully unrelated but it's also not pulling up hills great and struggling to get over 70mph.

EGR valve was replaced by the guy I bought it from...but more than likely with a second hand one.

Engine was replaced 15k ago as it had previous turbo fault causing major engine failure (by the same mechanic I bought the car from and that 'sorted' the EGR valve before I picked it up)

Any ideas what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance for any help ?

Peugeot 307 facelift model (2007) 1.6 Hdi.
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