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Hi all,

I'm looking for anyone who may have had this problem because I'm struggling to find the source of a leak into my drivers and passenger side footwell.

You can not tell that there is a problem unless you look underneath the thick foam backed carpet (which I have cut in half for ease of access to dry as this problem has been going on a while!), anyway, it is the foam that gets wet, so water is coming in from behind the carpet, the top of the carpet is dry.

The foam always seems to be wetter underneath where the pedals are. I thought I had found the source of the leak using UV dye, this revealed a crack where two panels were not properly sealed. So the windscreen wipers and such were removed and I put a sealant around all the joins and seals that I could get to on the bulkhead (I think it's called the bulkhead, the metal panel that separates the engine from the driver compartment).

I've checked the windscreen (put gorilla tape all around it and left it through some heavy rainstorms and the foam still got wet), I don't think it's door seals.

The water is clean, the van does have AC fitted but I have never used it (would I need to use it for it to leak?). Besides I'm pretty sure it's rain water as this corresponds to my drying the van out with a hairdryer and fan heater and when it gets wet).

If anyone has any idea, I'd be really is driving me a tad insane now!



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