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I have made a post earlier aling these line but his is a different question.

When i got my car it had a JVC radio and the display did not work.

I now have a genuine Peugeot radio with cd changer. (still needs coupling with the car but works with beeps)

The display did not work at all, have sourced another one with correct part number and fitted it. My question... is the display back lit all the time. I get red digital numbers, date time that stuff but the bulbs dont seem to work. The display i do get it faded from one side to another as well.
Took the bulbs out completely and it's the same. I'm sure the place i bought it will take it back or replace with another one. I just need to know if the display is constanly lit.

I have never know a car with such sensitive electrics, then again i have not had a 2004 or later car as all my company vehicles stopped about seven years ago.
This car was bought in a hurry as my 306 was written off by some little turd.
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