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Hi there

I've just joined the forum and looking for some help with an issue I've got.

I've recently purchased a 55 plate Peugeot 307 (new face). I previously had a 04 plate.

I've got a Nokia Bluetooth Car Kit CK7W with the optional wiring loom to make the calls come through my front speakers. On the old Peugeot I had a different Radio/CD Player so this worked perfectly.

However I've just picked up this car and removed the Radio/CD Player only to discover it's different fittings at the back and my current wiring loom won't fit it.

As i'm new to all this I've not got a clue what I need to ask for.

Is anyone out there able to help me find the correct wiring loom part that I need to buy or a part number so that I can purchase this?

Another question, am I able to upgrade my current Radio/CD Player with software that will allow me to use the existing setup and not have to purchase the addtional wiring loom?

I know Peugeot offered a factory fitted bluetooth kit which allows you to use the audio stalk controller to answer a call etc.

Thanks everyone and look forward to someone knowing what I need to get.

Thank you
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