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Hi all - I'm after some pointing in the right direction please as I'm going a bit mental at the moment.

Fuel gauge seems to of been ok - had a problem the other week when it come back from the garage and the pipe to the tank under the back drivers side seat hadn't been attached properly so it was leaking fuel but sorted that out and it's been fine since. Until today :(

It was getting low on petrol so I stopped on the way out this morning and put £5 (usually enough to move the needle) anyhow needle didn't move apart from to go down and the petrol light came on and the fuel low warning. So I did the school run and went back and put another £10 in (definately enough to move the needle and turn the light off) only the light didn't go off and the needle still appears to be moving down

I've check the pipe is still attached and that there's no leaking and there doesn't appear to be but I'm a bit stuck as to what it might be??

Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated - Thanks
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