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Hello from me.
I am now on my third Peugeot and so far have had nothing but good experiences from them (apart from minor issues but every car has those)
Past cars were a 206cc and a 207 Sport, current one is a 307cc HDI 135 with most all of the toys fitted. (60k on the clock)
I like the car and how it drives but its got an issue so I will start a thread for that if I cannot find one that already started and covers this.
Mechanically I am fairy good and do a fair bit of work on my cars to save some pennies when I can, I also like to know how things work so hopefully I may be able to help someone in the future via the forum but for now I am off to look at error codes and see if someone can help me.:thumb:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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