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pug with anoying problems

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hi im new to here but have messed with cars all enternity or it seems like that anyway i have just bought a 206 2003 plate quick silver 1. 4 16v and it failed on five pionts 1/ headlamp not working on dipped beam offside 2/horn not working 3/ direction indicator adversely affected by the operation of another lamp4/ stop lamp not working nearside5/drivers door hinge insecure offside front anyway i have tryed to sort these problems out and bulbs have been replaced by me horn off not working so cleaned up terminals and got it working by ataching wires striaght from battery so far so good drivers door apart door stay out broken need new one ok new one on way so that just leaves problem number 3 so i have looked at this and came to conclution that it was sqib so orderd another secondhand from ebay and fitted it today but there is still the same problem i.e dipped beam light is on when car running and lights are off on the stalk and when indicating the light stops it within a few seconds i never had this problem so not sure where to look next if there is any advice anyone can give will be much apprecated as i just want to get to the bottom of this thanks neil
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Sounds like you have a bad earth but your post is hard to read without paragraphs i kept getting lost.
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