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Hello everybody,
first excuse me for my English language because it is not my primary language.
I have a problem with lumbar support on both driver and passenger seat. During operation with handle for lumbar support, first on driver seat and after a few days on passenger seat, there was a strange noise like spring collapse, both times.
After I disassemble a back seat cover I saw that spring was in good condition but not in place. The steel cable was in a left opening, but cable was not in white plastic part that pulls steel cable.

Both sides of steel cables are in good shape, nothing is broken. I cannot see if the white plastic part is broken. Probably I should drill this two rivets that holding this pulling device. The other part of steel cable, was not in that black piece of plastic which is a lumbar support.
Can somebody tell me how to assembly all of this pieces so this support start to work again.

Then I can make a tutorial with pictures, because right now I cannot put pictures in this thread
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