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Hi there guys, great forum you have here.

Just had our 407 2.2 petrol 2006 break down whilst running perfectly OK at 50 mph on the A127 and had the DTC's of low injector volts, low coilpack volts, depollution plus more.

Traced no volts at fuse 10 under the bonnet so thinking it was a duff relay I replaced the fuse box with a second one at £35, and all is well again. What a strange way to build a fuse box with non removable potted relays:confused:

Peugeot wanted £200 and they tell me that all 407's have the same PSF1 fusebox fitted....interesting.

I've owned countless Pugs over years but never had a relay go down in the fusebox.

Question: is this a common fault on these Pugs now they are getting on a bit?

many thanks
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