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Hi all,

Thought I may as well post a project log for those who might want to have a go at this... I think it applies to most models except the newest ones*

After getting rid of a ridiculously troublesome old Vectra, I bought a Peugeot 407 2.0HDi in pretty damn good condition with very low mileage for a diesel with the intention of running it into the ground until I can afford to get a new car. However, it gets used a lot and often goes up to Scotland and as such I wanted decent sound.

Having the RT3 as a headunit is both a blessing and a curse - the features of it are handy and the AUX input means I can update it with Bluetooth and DAB fairly easily. However - getting any kind of acceptable audio set up without going the Pug route is a bit difficult.

Having read up about the upgrade and stumbling across plenty of wiring diagrams I thought I'd give installing the peugeot JBL kit a go. So, I ordered the amp, sub and speakers, making sure to grab ones from ebay sellers that had literally cut the cables - so that I got the required connectors to make up the loom with.

There's a couple of caveats with this setup - firstly, the 407 saloon doesn't have the rear tweeter mounts unless you had the JBL kit from the factory. Secondly, the car has no wiring for the JBL as standard. At all - so everything has to be home made.

A very helpful forum member here under the name of maxymilian posted a helpful pinout - but I can't post the link as I don't have enough posts :p

So.. the first step was to start with the subwoofer cables, as they're going to be the longest part of the loom. I soldered the cables together, heatshrunk them and then used insulation tape to keep them together:

*Images coming when I have enough posts under my belt...*
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