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Greeting all

I hjave just purchased a brand new 308 HDi Touring. Magnificent car, but have a couple of potential issues. Don't want to be a pain in the bum to the dealer by constantly asking questions, so here are two for the knowledgable..

1. I have a hissing/cicada/vibration type of noise in acceleration. Not overly loud, but it's there. It does not sound normal, but is is the first diesel vehicle I have owned. Any clues ??

2. I put it in to get a couple of detailing issues fixed last week as they should have been sorted when I collected the car. They gave me a loan car whil mine went in. It was the 308 Hatch HDi. It was noticably more zippy and powerful than mine. IT had 2500km on it. Mine had 200km on it. I am thinking it could be a combnation of vehicle weight and/or the 2500km on the clock of the loan car may may loosened it up a bit. Maybe mine needs to be run in a little more ?

Many thanks for the help.

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