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Hello to all!

I'm new in this forum (This is my first post), i live in Greece and i have a 307 SW 1.6 2003 model. I could have written a book with problems about this car but i keep it because it always have a new surprise for me!

Suddenly i noticed the indicator of the temperature gauge was out of the red area (if it was correct i will be burned me and the car together.... ). No temperature light was turned on or any other warning message!!!

I stopped the engine immediately, i turned of the electric switch and then noticed that the indicator of the temperature gauge was not returned at its zero position as it should be. The indicator stayed at 90 C temperature!!!!

I got off the car to look if the liquid tank of the engine was ok, but it was really ok. Nothing strange in the engine department, no smell of overheating ....

Next morning everything was normal! For about 3 days now my Peugeot works perfectly!!!

Have anyone any idea of what kind of problem is this?

I 'd leke to mention that a few years ago i had a similar experience but this time with the fuel gauge!!! Although the car was out of fuel the indicator suddenly said that the car was full of fuel!!! :) :) Next day everything was OK . The fuel indicator works perfectly for some years now...

That's why i love this car. It's full of surprisew
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