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am posting this on behalf of my girlfriend's grandfather
he put his car in for it's MOT

The car failed (on brake discs) but he was also presented with a recommendation to have some "work done on the electrics around the fusebox"

he was told that "fluid was getting onto the loom of the fusebox" - priced at around £600 to do the work

we took the car to another mechanic who had a look and couldnt see any problem, all levels were fine on the resvoirs and he couldnt see any liquid on or aorund the fusebox or any leaks on the resevoirs

so, took the car back to the testers to ask them to show us where and what the actual problem was as another mechanic could not see it

their reply was that the fusebox had to be removed to see it, and that it was liquid being drawn up the wiring loom of the fusebox, we'd have to book the car in and pay man hours to see the problem.......

The mechanic asked us if it was a recall - but the receptionist hushed him up.....saying it had been flagged on the MOT

Has anyone heard of this problem before??
Bit weird to remove a fusbox during the MOT isnt it.......

any help greatly received

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