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My girlfriend lost her oil filler cap - which came off at some point whilst driving. After the low oil warning , she pulled over to discover oil everywhere under the bonnet all over the engine. I advised her to not drive it and get towed to a garage for engine clean up and new oil cap. She did this. The breakdown guy turned up and made a makeshift cap to get her the 5/6 miles or so to the garage. The engine seemed fine and was running like normal.
This happened to be a Peugeot dealership.
They got cap sorted, but when she replaced and started car it was running lumpy as hell on idle.
The dealers said they could look at it - which they will today.. I am wondering :
Does it just need a good proper clean?
Has an electronic fault occurred that just needs clearing? Has the breakdown guy loosened a pipe or something that has worked loose now??
I am not a mechanic and have no idea so am just putting it out there....
The dealers have said they will clean up properly and do a scan for £150.. sounds pricey but I know what dealers are like so wasn’t shocked to be honest.. all I don’t want is her to be charged unnecessarily with work/ parts that are not needed...
Any ideas guys??
Be greatly appreciated..
Cheers ??

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What engine if it's a VTI it may just need a run as the engine may have adapted to the cap being off and engine drawing in addition air via the engine breather system and it needs to relearn correct values

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