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Hi all.....please somebody help!
I have a 2003 307sw 2.0 hdi 110.
I also have PP2000.
I keep getting the same fault arise when doing a global scan.
It comes up with...."permanent fault.pre/post heating relay circuit.relay stuck" when I click on this fault it says "pre/post heating relay command fault".
I have changed the glow plug relay (big block with green multi plug and 2 large gauge cables bolted to it) that is fixed to the front of the fuse box ( where the engine ecu is) with a known good unit and again erased all faults. But still it comes back. I performed a "relay test" via PP2000 which said I should listen for a noise and a click. I heard a hissing noise during this test,but it seemed to be coming somewhere near the timing belt area and then there was a click but from somewhere within the fuse box with the engine ecu. Neither of these sounds came from the glow plug relay that I had replaced.

Please can anybody shed some light on this?

Many thanks...ben
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