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Hello Peeps,
I recently had a virus on my laptop running XP solely for the PP2000/Diagbox software. I decided to format it and re-install OS and associated software. When I came to install PP2000/Diagbox I cannot find the disc anywhere. I purchased my Lexia3 12 months ago, I have since moved home and I cannot locate my software disc supplied with the hardware.
I really don't want to fork out for the software again but if I have to which version should I go for?
I have a 307 SW 1.6HDi 110 2006 (Facelift).
I need to get this sorted asap, MOT has expired and I have DPF Blocked warning on dashboard. I have had the DPF removed/cleaned and now need to reset the notification.

Many thanks in advance for any advice/help offered :)
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