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Hello , i'm new to this forum so ill take a brief moment to introduce myself.

My name is Colin, 25 years old and live in Sittard, the Netherlands.
I recently bought a Peugeot 407 2.7 HDI and had some problems here and there.

The latest problem i could really use some help with because this sound i driving me crazy and i can't find where its coming from.

A couple of days ago i changed the Cam-belt , and after this operation my power steering started making a ''sissing'' noise. The ''sissing'' can only be heard from inside the car and it seems to be coming from the rubber plate where the steering-rod goes through the chassis and on to the powersteering-house.

I tried bleeding the power steering by unscrewing the lid and turning the wheel from left to right and right to left serval times.
The reservoir is filled up all the way to the top.

The ''sissing'' sound can be heard when i turn the wheel from ''neutral'' to the left or right. I dont lock it in to the most left or right position.

I sprayed the rubber where the rod goes trough the chassis with some WD40 to see if there is any air there but i cant see it.

Does anyone know what my problem might be ?

Thanks alot.
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