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Wondering if someone can help I have just noticed a puddle under my car and found ou that my power steering fluid had all gone!!

So we went and bought some and put it in but even with the engine not running its driping out :(

I cant actualy see where its coming from all i know it looks like its from something beneath the pulleys on the left side of the car under the alternator I think it is. The pipes from the resevior look ok up to the point they either disappear behind the engine or go under the car near the oil filter.

I have gone under the car and cant see much but then I have the vehicle on the side of the road so cant se much under there anyway.

Can someone shed some light as I would have thought the leak would have happened when i turn the car over fo the pump to work but is leaking with the engine off.

Any ideas... as power steering fluid aint cheap to keep waisting it :mad:
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