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Good Afternoon,

I boughta 307 2.0 D 90PS about 2 weeks ago, it is a 2001 model.

I've had nothing but problems.

At the moment I can not start it and have no dash lights what so every or most other electrics.

Yesterady it was working but it had no sidelights. I tracked this down to the passenger mirrow and disconnected the wiring which gave me side lights again but they would not turn off without taking the battery leads of and putting them back on. I later took it for a drive and it broke down with no lights of any sort working just the windscreen wipers turn on whenever I turn the key.

It looks like theirs water arround the fuse box in glove compartment area but no idea how it got their or if this is actually the fault.

Any ideas would be good.

With Thanks
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