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Hi all

I haven't had any luck so I'm reaching out again.

The Peugeot cars that come into Australia do not have a Denon or Focal system. Just a no name crappy amp and speakers.

So my 2017 308 GT was due to get top end Focal speakers, a Rockford Fosgate subwoofer, a Focal amp & a digital processor.

They couldn't install the amp or the processor. The company I went to have years of experience but couldn't bypass the amp. Everything they tried didn't work - everything they tried completely shut down the speaker sound and any other sounds coming from the head unit (camera beeps etc). I was referred to a page where someone made it work but it's 24 pages in French. So I have great speakers which sound average!

The amp has no branding but has a sticker with the following:

PSA part number 9808 4527 80
AMP 3104 137 1022.7
PB 3104 137 0094.7
EEPROM 4.70.31
MUP 4.70.2
Serial number 16112203271715
Made in Malaysia

Has anyone experienced this and was able to get around it?

Any advice would be appreciated!
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