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Hi all.

I'm really struggling here with this P0134 Upstream Oxygen sensor (Intermittent - open circuit) fault. This fault shows in 10-20 miles driving but can't be re-created idling the engine / revving whilst static.

1. Replaced Oxygen sensor twice.
2. Replaced ECU which did have a fault with the lefthand connector.
3. Replaced multiway ECU plug (which carries the O2 sensor connections).
4. Bypassed wiring loom and 4 pin connector (for O2 sensor) - wired O2 sensor direct to multiway ECU plug.

Looking at Engine Parameters / Emission Control in PP2000 and everything looks OK, O2 sensor voltages doing as expected etc.

Still have this intermittent fault......

I guess I now need to look at the exhaust system and inlet manifold pressure etc?

Might also get ECU retested.

Any other ideas before I go completely mad?

Regards all
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