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Hi all I am new to this forum and have a weired problem I need help with.

Ok this may be long so please bear with me.

Right I have a 307 2.0HDI XSI 110bhp the car sudenly started conking out and when I say conking out I meen literaly everything a total electrical and machanicle shutdown, this would happen spontaniusly when driving, total loss of everything mechanicle and electrical, If I sat and let the ECU go to sleep it would then start and drive fine untill the next time it happens, this could be 1 foot from when it first did it or a week later.

I have had it on PP a few times read and cleared the faults ect.

Yesturday the same thing happened started the car and it was running all over the place almost like having a car with bad timing ran it up the road and wham total cut out of everything, this time though the car will not restart, it turnes over but wont start.

Tried it on PP again and it reads everything but when it comes to the ECU it says somthing like 'ECU Falied to respond' it wont even read the ECU.

I folowed some stuff I have managed to google on this problem but nothing has worked and I am at a loss so need advice.

Car is also stuck in ECO Mode and I cant get rid of it even disconected the battery over night (window wont work and is down and car getting soaked inside)

I have tried as well as the above

  1. Removing all conections to the ECU and re seating them.
  2. Cleaning all ECU conections.
  3. Visualy inspecting all wires to ECU
  4. Checking all fuses on both boxes both under bonnet and in glove box (all are fine)
  5. Checking and topping up the levels as needed
  6. Checking the car recognises both keys using the open door beep test (both fine and lock and unlock doors to)
  7. Cleaned all earth points
On the dash apart from ECO Mode Active I also have the following warning lights

Handbreak Light permanently on even when the handbreak is off
and the ESP light

Like I say I am at a loss as to what to try now being as though PP cant even get the ECU to respond.

Does anyone know what to try now?
Could the ECU be shot?
Is there anything in PP I should be looking for in perticular?

Just as a side note for a few days when driving I kept having engine management lights and warning come up and when reading via PP they where although I am not totaly sure of all the fault codes but have two the rest I only wrote down what PP said.

What It said before clearing

  1. Intermitent Fault. Injector circuit 1. short circuit to possative, to earth or between to wires.
  2. Intermitent Fault. Airflow Meter Signal. Open circuit or short to earth.
  3. Intermitent Fault. Injector circuit 3 ou 4. short circuit to possative, to earth or between to wires.
After clearing and after a drive


Any guidence apreciated

Sory if its hard to understand but I did say it would be long
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