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Hi all.
So, I took the plunge and bought my first 407 - a 2007 2.0 Diesel SW. Few error codes on the dash readout. One is a fog lamp bulb which I will sort. The other two I was hoping to find local Planet help with. I have checked the map and there appears to be two local hits - Danny Sutton and Karl McGhee but I cant seem to find a way to contact either.

Dash faults showing are;
1) ABS braking system faulty - hoping its just a sensor but obviously need to know which one
2) ESP / ASR system faulty - ??
3) Particle filter additive level too low. Repair needed. Apparently this has been topped up but the codes needs clearing. Is this correct? Would a top up clear the message automatically or does it need to be cleared with the Planet system?

Any help appreciated.
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