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Recently bought a Peugeot 206 XSI which I love.
However took it to have the clutch changed and found that I did not have the Wheel Locking Nut Key.

Peugeot have said they will replace it for £70 but I run the risk it being a different code than the one first issued with the car if an owner has had the nuts changed by Peugeot since then.

Today I was looking in my Manual and found that in the wheel and tyre information someone has written some codes. I have one long code or two short codes and a reference.

I was wondering how long the Wheel Locking Key codes should be and if it contains letters and numbers?



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FWIW, mine has 4 digits, letters and numbers.

But it's certainly not worth paying a dealer £70 for a replacement key. Either junk them completely or fit a new set, available on Ebay and many other places. Most garages will be able to remove the old ones.
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