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Hi There,

Can anyone please help,

I have Peugeot 407 coupe Multimedia Sports 163 Fap 2.0l, oct 2009.

I bought my car when i lived in UK and moved to Malta, but i have no map of this country, is it possible to add this map from another Satnav that has this map? i tried to contact Harman Becker and Peugeot dealers but one said they did not include this map, so basically my satnav is useless. I did not update the maps because its expensive and not worth it if no map of Malta.
any idea please? is it's possible to add a tomtom maltese map by copying from file? maps of malta exist on garmin, tomtom, ect, i don't no why Harman Becker did not add this simple map. Or is it possible to replace HB Sd card for another brand?

kind regards Noel


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