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Could really do with a PP user in the Wakefield area to check my 406 HDi.

Fitted a new tank pump last week, and at tickover there was a small misfire, however on the motorway the other day at around 90mph, the engine cut out, and the eml came on. Managed to get the car to start and get home after work whereby I took the battery lead off, and left it overnight. I thought at the time it may well have been an air lock that, because of the high speed, cleared itself, and for the brief nano second that there was no fuel to one of the injectors, it threw on the eml.

EML light disappeared, and while accelerating hard today onto the motorway, the same thing happened, and the eml light is now still on. At low revs/speed it's fine, but wind it up under hard acceleration, and it doesn't like it.
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