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I was using planet at the weekend and noticed while in the engine ECU info that some of the 'live' readouts e.g manifold pressure have a specification stated in the bottom box for the reading to be within. For my 307 the spec/range was 400-420mbar. If for any reason the actual figure was not in this range would the engine fault light come on. i.e. is the range stated at the bottom what the ECU is looking for, and if outside, a fault is recorded?

The reason being quite a few of my readings were out of the specified ranges:

My manifold pressure 330mbar Range 400-420mbar
My Torque 17:50 Range 21-25
My throttle angle 3 degrees range 1-2 degrees
My Injection time is 2.560ms value stated should be 3.41ms
My throttle position voltage 0.645 range states 0.57v to 0.61v

Has anyone else noticed this. I have no faults recorded on a global scan. Can anyone think why my reading would be different? and would any of these readings contribute to a lower than expected MPG figure?

Any input would be greatly appreciated..
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