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Peugeot Planet PP2000 question.

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Hello everybody,

My Peugeot 206 CC 2.0 won’t start anymore in the morning after a stormy night. I never had any start problems before faults or problems before. I called road service for it, and they came to check. After 1 hour checking my car by this road service and now stucked in economy mode he told me.. its almost sure it’s the Motor ECU and he left. Today I started to try to diagnose the car myself and hooked up the PP2000. After reading out the car it shows for sure no communication with the Engine ECU (see picture 1). But I want to start at the beginning to excluding things out, so I start at the (BSI) and noticed that there is also NO key synchronized as shown in the second picture (see picture 2).

Also my car doesn’t make beeping sounds anymore while the key is in the contact when opening the door.

My questions on this:

1 is it normal that PP2000 shows the list of 5 keys with No synchronized?

2 Is it normal that my car doesn’t make pings anymore when the key is in its contact and I open the door because its in ecomode?

I want to know this because before I continue to the Engine ECU what shows also as locked.

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Is the storm significant? Could it be lightning close by, affecting the electronics? Check earth points, wiring connectors, battery charge and reconnect procedure etc. What works and what doesn't?
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