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Hi, firstly thanks for reading.

Anyone who is in or near the Manchester area who owns P. Planet -

Can you give me a quote for use of your equipment - i would drive to you - basically my 307 is accident repaired and needs the airbag lights resetting. All airbags have been replaced etc and i was given a part for the ecu which needs putting in and resetting. Also would like to clear any error codes that may come up.

I read the thread that states all the P.P owners but i cant pm anybody since i havent made enough posts - and didnt want to post any old thing just to meet the requirement.


Bad news kaycee, planet cant reset crash codes/airbag lights

These are permanantly written to the ecu in the event of a crash (i myself have a crashed/repaired with the airbag light on)

The only solution i've found is somewhere like bba-reman who can clear these, but for the money and the fact it isnt an MOT fail i decided not to bother!!

Rich :thumb:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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