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Dear forum!

Sorry for double posting, but I suspect that my poor English made my first question unreadable so here I go again.

I have a friend who has borrowed my Lexia 3 interface to troubleshot a Peugeot. The main objective is to read fault code.

Basic facts:

1. Peugeot Partner model year 2000, petrol, unknown engine type
2. Lexia interface, successfully used with CItroen Berlingo 1998, 1.4, software Lexia3, V45
3. Windows XP
4. Software PP2000_09A_21.14V1.8.5

Installation and activation was successful. My friend then used "Peugeot Planet 2000" to read the fault codes. None of the "actions" or "ECU communication tries" was successful. All resulted in the same fault, "Not able to connect to ECU/control box". The message was in Swedish so I might have made a incorrect translation.

We believe that we have carried out all basic maneuvers correct, ignition ON, connect Lexia interface to the car etc.

Can anyone provided my with assistance, what possible (and most likely) errors can we have made? Any ideas?

Best regards

Mikael Carlsson
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