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:confused:Dear members,

I have a 2010 Peugeot Partner Teppee and installed a genuine twin socket Peugeot towbar and electric kit. I live on and island and thought it would be easy to install as all components were in the box. I finished the wiring into the box in the main rear compartment with what on the instructions shows only 2 steps to go. First I install a 15amp fuse into the glove box (as existing connector was already there althought Peugeot provided a spare fuse box if it wasn`t) Last job is a very large 40 amp fuse in the engine compartment next to the battery. the picture shows clearly how to insert the Fuse. However, when I take off the top cover there is an electrical area and what looks to be a large silver module which slots down the front side. The picture shows removal of the 3 connector blocks on top of the silver unit which slots down about 10 inches into the plastic. However, on top of the connectors, 50% of them is covered in a metal shield and I can`t wwork out how the 3 connectors come off or how the unit comes out as very tight with all the wiring. You need to remove the connectors from right to left as it seems to be the only way out. By the rightmost one is under the shield. Any suggestions? It looks like the top part of the shield has rivets on either side but can`t work out what to do.

Finally, although this is the last part to put the fuse into place, the tow electrics still don`t work on either black or grey. Does anyone know if this last fuse will complete the circuit. I have checked rechecked and check all other in line fuses. Appreciate any guidance. Sometimes wish I had went for a single electrics kit but thought this be be a lot easier living where I do. Please help....

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