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I have just purchased a Peugeot Partner Tepee 2015 model and a just looking for a bit of advice regarding Synchromesh rings in the gearbox. During the test drive I noticed there was a grinding sound between 3rd and 4th gear, in response the dealer has given the car a service and said they would repair the problem before I pick up the car.

The dealer has got back to me saying there was a problem with the Synchromesh ring on the 4th gear and they are installing a new ring to fix the problem. However I'm a little concerned that this damaged ring could be a sign of further problems to come? That even if they replace the ring it may signal bigger problems with the gear box will happen in the coming months and just wondered if anyone had any experience with this at all?

I mean should the gearbox be okay after the new ring is installed, or should I be expecting further problems down the line?

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