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hello everybody,

brand new on this forum,
i hope i post this in the correct model, cause i didn't see the tepee version anywhere.

i have bought a 08/2012 second hand tepee.
the enige is a 1.6HDI 75hp, i think without a fap filter.

i have a few questions about the oil, because it seems to be quite sensitive issue.

1)what is the best oil for this motor ? is the the 5W40 like my previous owner used or can i use better a 5W30 C2 oil ?

2)i cannot read the dipstick oil level good but i think it might be caused by overfilling of the motor. the dipstick takes a few curves before ending in the motor, and there is oil all over the dipstick... Stil i think it is because there is to much oil in it.

i have read that this is a serious problem, i have driven 200K with it. so i will be replacing the oil and filter.

i wonder if this can already done some damage ?

do i beneift from an oil sludge cleaning product like forte ?

3) i have read that you can also replace the dipstic with a ceramic one, is this usefull ?

thanks in advance
kind regards
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