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Hello experts
I have a Peugeot Partner 1.8 from 1999, which has got a new engine.
The problem is that after engine change, the speedometer and rev counter do not work?
The new engine is taken from a Citroën, and it will otherwise work fine.
I have tried with wire harness from both the new and old engine.
And I have tried with another instrument, none of it works?
I can see speed and revs in my Delphi tester so the signals reach the computer.

My question.
Does anyone know where the signals go up to the instrument , from the computer or directly from the sensors?
Anyone who has a diagram of how it is linked up to the instrument?

I have both Tolerencedata and a Hayens book, with diagrams, where lamps, temperature gauges and gasoline gauge are described, but they do not think it is necessary to show the km/t counter and rev counter?
Or maybe I'm blind?
Hope someone can help?

Regards Peter Rasmussen
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