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Just wanted to help a few people out if they have the same problem. GPS recently started to put me into random locations and put me all over the county. First I thought that I just need to drive out to get a signal so it can put me back on the map but no problem persisted. Next, the radio FM started to lose signal and play a static sound. I tried a hard reset of the SMEG system as it can be glitchy at times, even gone as far as to take the unit out and check the connections on the back. Nothing there.
Went ahead and followed the cabling around from the SMEG unit under the roof and to the back where it connected to the antenna, tested the continuity on both inside signal wire and outside, everything fine.
Came to the conclusion that when I bought the car as a salvage it never came with an antenna which was replaced however on some days it must have rained and stored in the hole where it screws in. Took out the antenna base (you need to take out a nut from the inside and requires taking the roof lining off), then unscrewed the screws to open the unit up. Sure enough, the electronics were corroded and liquid damaged. A simple replacement of this part (not cheap as it was the GPS version blue and white wire) fixed the issue.

Diagnostics- possible areas to look in
  • Antenna itself
  • Antenna base
  • Wiring
  • Connectors connecting the antenna to SMEG (Easy to bend pins inside connectors)
  • Faulty SMEG unit
  • Back of SMEG unit at connections
  • To test to see if GPS is faulty, power up touch screen, hold menu button until settings screen pops up. Click on satellites and check if the system has detected any satellites. If none are found even after driving around then you may have a faulty GPS system
  • FM radio can be tested simply by checking if you have a clear sound, if static then possibly faulty.

I'm sure there are other possible areas to look at but these are the main ones you want to check if you have lost, GPS, DAB, FM signal.
Hope this helped, I have heard Peugeot dealers replacing entire SMEG units because of this problem where it can just be a simple antenna.
I have attached some microscope pictures of what the board look like when water damaged



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