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hey ,

i have a peugeot expert 1.9 2003

so my battery light is on when i turn the key and goes off straight after starting ( like normal ) however after a fue moments it comes on again ...... it will go off and on the whole time im driving ...... ive tried to see if it is affected by using the lights or if i slow down or far i cant see a correlation .... possibly when im using power for lights ect but its not clear ....

the battery is at 12.7 v when engine is off , after starting it goes to 14.7v ... so i dont think its the alternator

when the engine is running the light dont apper to dim and brighten when pressing the accelerator

this makes me think the battery is sulfated and even tho it is "fully charged" it doesnt have enough capacity anymore as it will allways start first time , but gets harder and harder each time , it refused to start a fue days ago and i was driving around dropping stuff off in various places ( all fairly close to each other) by the 4th drop off it refused to start again .... i left if for 6 hours , tried again and started first time ....

i know it could also be the starter motor , but i have no idea how to check that ...

or could it be the glow plugs even tho its the charging light that is coming on ?

does anyone have any advice ? it would be greatly appreciated !!
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