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Hi there,

Yesterday I have had the timing belt (and full pulley kit / water pump etc) changed in my van. I have been driving it around today and I can hear what can best be described as a whirring sound (almost like a turbo) noise underneath the rumble of the diesel engine when I rev or accelerate. It definitely wasnt making this noise before it went it and the strange thing is that it seems to improved the performance ever so slightly. Definitely a little more punch in it. Anyone who owns one of these vans will vouch for the fact that they are that so bloody slow (70bhp) that the slightest increase in speed is noticeable!

Why complain you say? Im just worried that ill damage it long term if something is wrong. I have had it back to the garage and they have checked it all over once again and cant explain the noise either.

Any ideas at all?


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