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Hi All

We have just brought a new van, expert 2008 1.6hdi swb.

Lovely van to drive but it has generated a fault and we cant get to the bottom of it.

As we already have 2 berlingo/partner vans i already had lexia diagnostic software.

I am getting fault P0243 Turbocharger control solenoid valve open circuit.

I have actuated it with lexia with a mulitmeter connected to the wiring connector and i get nothing.

if i set multi-meter to the bell setting and i put one pin to a ground source and the other to pin2 on solenoid plug i get nothing.

wiring diagram shows solenoid is powered by pin 2 on a 28 pin connector on PSF1

I then went to PSF1

i have 2 28 pin connectors.

pin 2 on the first 28 pin connector i checked to pin 1 on the solenoid feed wire no joy

pin 2 on the second 28 pin connector was the same, no joy.

The wires going to the solenoid plug are green & brown. but on both 28 pin connectors the wires going to pin2 are white.

i also found the following:

someone has spliced 2 wires on the 28 pin pink connector at some point.

the white and pink wires at pin 28/27. any idea what these are for?

i see the ground feed to the solenoid is from the ecu, but the cover is riveted on with 4 rivets.

i appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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Who supplied the wiring diagram
Thanks for your reply. I paid for one hour membership to service box and a helpful member of a Irish forum also sent them to me.

I have now disconnected the plugs at the ecu and belled the ground wire and this is ok.

Since doing this, i am now getting 9.8v at the solenoid connector when i actuate it with the laptop.

I have brought a new solenoid which should arrive tomorrow.

I am still convinced it is a wiring issue as 9.8v im guessing is not enough to energise the solenoid.

If anyone needs the diagrams drop me a PM
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