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Hi, Hoping for some ideas, as we seem to be running out of options.
My expert, is having a real problem starting, it takes a good couple of minutes before it starts. As soon as it has started it is fine, and if turned off will start again immediately, the problem starts again if it is left for more than 4 hours.
I have had the battery changed, all the glow plugs changed. Someone has said it might be a fuel problem , have had the injectors cleaned, and fuel line replaced. None of this seems to have solved the problem.
I wondered if anyone else has come across the same problem.


You need to get a leak test done on the injectors. Sounds something like the high pressure pump is not building enough pressure to start (280bar) If it doesn't make this pressure it won't start as pressure is leaking through an injector. Secondly id recommend a test of the high pressure pump and see if its building enough pressure again 280 bar. That test will check the pump and the fuel pump pressure regulator.
Thirdly check the wiring to the pressure sensor on the fuel rail, ive come across broken wires to it before. There will be a connector near the oil filter which is attached the the block.
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