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My friend have an Pegeot Expert 2.0 HDI (RHZ engine) and suddenly the car wont start.

Citroen Jympy and Fiat Scudo seams to be similar car.

No connection with ECU - Could not read fault codes or anything
The pump relay wont activate.

The fuelpump relay is mounted on the left side in engine bay near the fuse/relay panel and battery.
The fuelpump relay is an double relay and was brown in our car and i measured all the pins/terminal in the socket for the relay if there was any signal on/off when activated the ignition key swith - Nothing at all, no +12V or -12V.....?
I tried to find any information from the net of the relay layout (what function and location every relay have but diud not find anything useful, i dismounted every relay one at a time and take off the cover and manually forced or activated the relay one at the time with the ignition on but no signal at all to the fuelpumprelay or enything else.?

Then i disassembled the ECU and searced on the net for the ecu pinout to se the +/-12V terminals on ecu.
Searh for (Bosch) "ECU EDC15C2 pinout" and there is battery terminal and in the middle bigger connector there is ignition +12V pin that activate the ECU and founded that signal att the fuelpump relay at pin 2

The pump relay is two relays in one (double relay) and for some reason the activation pin that activate the relay is pin Nr 10 and it is an NEGATVIE -12V?
The fuelpump relay is glued with some hard epoxi glue and i was forced to carefully filed down the sides until the cover came off and exposed the two relays, when i activated the relay nearest to the fron the ecu activated and THE CAR STARTED...
All the terminals from the ignition key switch is +12V (positive) only and some relay somewhere change that to an -12V signal to the pumprelay (terminal/pin 10), when the pumprelay got -12V on terminal/pin 10 the pump relay activates and give +12V to the ecu and then the ecu started and activated the other relay on the pumprelay that controlled the fuel pump in the gas tank.

So the fuel pump relay the terminal 3 is +12V feed (connected to 11) and the trigger puls/activation (ignition signal) is -12V on terminal 10.
I could not find the problem what ever i tried to do so this whas my solution:

I filed the sides on the fuelpump relay until the cover came off, on the relay nearest the front of the car (when mounted) and soldered a black wire at the relay winding terminal for that is located ner the top (TERMINAL 10) and when this cable is connected to ground the car start normally.
I do not want to be forced to activate/deactivate an extra switch everytime i start the car.
I mounted a new relay in the car and take a signal from the ignition key at the steering wheel (orange cable) and when the relay got +12V its activated and give -12V (negative) signal to the FUELPUMP RELAY TERMINAL 10 (-12V)
Now the car is running perfectly again and hopes this can help someone....

Can anyone provide any simple relay layout that explains the function and location for every relay?
There is mostly standard relays with different colors Yellow, Green, Black, Violet etc nad the number on them does not lead to any information.
I downloaded some wiring diagrams but did not lead anywhere.
There is 8 relays under the dashboard:
Big Blue - (Wiper relay)
Big Grey - (Turnin lights relay)
The others, i do not have a clue....
Wish you best luck
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