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Hello all,

Looking for a bit of help with really simple but annoying problem.

N/S Passenger door handle broke, no problem ordered and new one and attached it making sure the 2 wires / guiders where connected properly.

However, now the door dont open unless I leave the facia off the inside of the door and play around with the internal opening handle :-(

Only then you can open the door from the outside, the inside handle doesn't want to play ball. Have tried locking drivers door etc several times to make sure central locking hadn't clicked on and have manually locked and unlocked this door to no avail.

What is really frustration me is that the door worked fine, even when the handle broke it could still be opened using the internal handle but since fitting this new handle it dont like me anymore.

Forgot to add, if you release the door and can open it from outside as stated above but only until you lock it, once you locked it, you have to give it bit of help to fully unlock (facia off).

Any help be greatly received, thank you
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