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Dont know if in right section but the clutch on my van seems duffed... It sorta struggles at pulling away low revs and stutters then goes if you up teh rpm... Also when you have clutch in you can hear a whining noise..

TBH to me it sounds like the clutch realease bearing is going hence the weird noise coming when I press the clutch down which most clutch kits come with. Also teh juddering when trying to move off could be due to the dual mass flywheel on its way out as this helps out to smooth out the rough idle / low down feel of a diesel, thats why there alot smoother / quiet nowadays.

ANyways what I am after is a rough price guide on parts and repair if tehres any mechanic in the "KNOW"..

It wont be going to main dealer, just local garage to try and keep price down..


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